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Jonge wolven

The pitch for Jonge Wolven from VTM.


Takeoff Antwerp

CheeseTroubles is a new concept that will soon open its doors in the heart of Antwerp and will further expand throughout Belgium.
CheeseTroubles offers the tastiest and most original Cheesecakes in all kinds of possible flavors.
And certainly also does catering and orders that are also delivered on location.
CheeseTroubles is therefore the very first Cheesecake concept / Cheesecake store in Antwerp and Belgium.

Entrepreneurial kickoff Antwerp

She did it

What’s in a name? For the driving force Soukaina a lot. With Cheesetroubles, the 20-year-old student entrepreneur offers unique and surprising flavors of cheesecakes.
The story behind the name? Her own life: the more setbacks, the stronger the urge to do business and determine for yourself what you want to do. Despite the fear, the great unknown … she went for it.
You reap what you sow and Soukaina’s seeds were planted early. In the 1st high school she made a pact with her teacher “when I am 20, I will have my own business”. Last year this became her new reality after years of hard work. She traveled the world, explored and tasted cheesecakes all over the place.
These experiences were her source of inspiration for Cheesetroubles. Her message to others? Thank yourself for the work you put into your dream, no one else will do it for you. And don’t let that stop you.